Cellulite lumps are seen more commonly in women. They feel awkward when they see excess fat stored in their buttocks, abdomen and thighs. The cellulite affected areas will have a dimpled look. Women feel very embarrassed to walk into crowded places or even in the public with cellulite plumps on their body. They would want to somehow get rid of the cellulite and to attain an attractive figure. Earlier cellulite treatments very quite challenging. But, with the advancements in technology and new treatment procedures, there are many women undergoing cellulite treatments and are getting the excess lump removed from their buttocks or hips or thighs.

Endermologie Treatment
This is the most famous type of cellulite treatment. This is a massaging style of treatment that will help in removing the excess cellulite in your body. A device will be used to suction your skin and you get a deep tissue massage. There have been studies that have shown that a deep massage will help in splitting the fibrous bands and thereby will improve the blood circulation to enhance the appearance of the skin. This is a mechanical massage technique that will work more on the troubled areas than the regular hand massage. It has two rollers that can be adjusted along with a controlled suction unit. The rollers work on the cellulite to reduce its appearance.

Velashape Cellulite Treatment
One of the most effective treatments that will help in reducing the cellulite lumps in your buttocks is the Velashape cellulite treatment. This treatment makes use of four different technologies like bi-polar frequency, infrared light energy, mechanical massage and vacuum to achieve the best result. The Velashape applicator is made to work on the affected areas and the rollers will massage the skin to make it smooth. The infrared light and radio frequency energies will also work simultaneously to widen the blood vessels. This way the size of the cellulite and fat cells will shrink. The final result will be a very smoother skin around your buttocks with greater reduction of the cellulite. You will have to undergo 6 to 8 weeks of this treatment to enjoy optimal cellulite reduction.
With a little bit of exercise, diet control, regular massage and steam wraps you will be able to control very small cellulite bulges on your buttocks or thighs. If it is larger in area, then you will have to undergo the noninvasive cellulite treatment methods mentioned above.