There is a lot of information out there regarding cosmetic surgery procedures, but unfortunately, not all of it is true. In this article we sort out fact from fiction to get to the bottom of some of the biggest cosmetic surgery myths out there. The truth might surprise you!

MYTH #1: Exercise alone can remove excess skin and fat
The idea that toning exercises can fix all excess skin problems is both untrue and harmful. The reality is that significant weight loss or pregnancy can result in excessive skin, that won’t go away no matter how much the person exercises. Similarly, there are stores of fat that are not affected by exercise at all, whether because of body type, genetics, or certain medical conditions.

MYTH #2: Laser treatment can cause skin cancer
This is one of the most prevalent myths out there, even though there is no evidence of a link between cosmetic laser treatments and an increased risk of cancer. In fact, as these procedures can play a role in treating pre-cancerous lesions, they actually help to reduce the risk of skin cancer!

MYTH #3: Anti-wrinkle injections can cause Botulism
Many people believe that anti-wrinkle injections contain poisonous toxins that can cause botulism, a very serious form of food-poisoning that can be fatal. In reality, the serum used in anti-wrinkle injections is chemically derived from a purified protein that is extracted from the botulinum bacteria. This harnesses the muscle-weakening effects of the bacteria while being completely safe to use.

MYTH #4: Fat comes back after liposuction
Liposuction completely removes entire fat cells from the target area, so it is biologically impossible for that fat to return. Any weight gained after surgery is due to the patient consuming more calories than they burn, and even then, the weight is distributed more evenly in the body than it was before liposuction.

MYTH #5: Breast implants pop and leak easily
This myth does contain some truth because it is possible for breast implants to pop or leak, however this does not occur nearly as often as many people believe. Only some types of implants are prone to leakage, and of those the risk of leakage sits at only around 1%. The risk of implants popping is even lower, as they are made to be very durable: you can step on an implant and it will easily support your weight two to three times over.