The Benefits of Laser Treatment

Brown Spots and Pigmentation

Lasers that are designed to react to melanin (the pigment in your skin) can be used specifically to target pigmentation problems like moles, melasma, freckles and dark birthmarks, target these areas specifically without disrupting the normal skin around it.

Hair Removal

These same lasers can also be used to remove hair. Because hair is six times more melanin than skin, these lasers can selectively heat the hair, without affecting the surrounding skin. This process heats the DNA in the hair cells to the point that it won’t regenerate, ensuring the removed hair won’t grow back for a long time – if ever. This process only works on dark hairs, however, as blond, grey and vellus hairs don’t contain enough melanin for the laser to react with them.

Vascular conditions

There are also lasers designed specifically to target oxyhaemoglobin, the substance in your blood that gives it a red colour. These lasers are able to specifically heat up blood vessels and cause them to close down, which can treat vascular conditions like superficial broken capillaries and facial veins, as well as red-coloured birthmarks.

Tattoo removal

While the process of tattoo removal is more complex due to the range of colours, it is possible to remove tattoos with minimal disruption to skin using modern laser technology, providing the best chance of removing a tattoo without scarring.
This process involves emitting lasers that react to tattoo ink pigments in extremely short pulses – as little as one billionth of a second. These short pulses break down the ink pigment in the tattoos while transmitting very little heat into the surrounding skin, allowing your body to remove the broken down ink particles naturally.

Wrinkles and Skin Care

Although it’s possible to treat wrinkles in a single session of laser treatment, doing multiple sessions will normally guarantee the best results. Using lasers, practitioners can vaporise the topmost layer of dead skin and deposit heat energy into the skin layers below. This results in regeneration of collagen fibres, leading to new skin growth with fewer wrinkles and improved texture.

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