Treat the effects of aging on your eyes, face and body with Thermage Skin Tightening.

Is your skin not as firm as it used to be?

Sagging skin can be caused by weight loss or weight gain, childbirth or ageing.

If you want to effectively combat the signs of ageing or weight loss without Surgery, Thermage is one of the most successful skin tightening treatments available.

For face and body, Thermage skin tightening treatments CPT can include your upper arms, thighs and abdomen and especially the eye area.

A non-invasive treatment of wrinkles, Thermage uses radio frequency energy to tightening and smooth the skin. Physicians in over 2500 practices and 80 countries have treated women and men.

Do you want to look younger with real results without surgery?

To achieve the amazing results, Thermage is tailored to your needs, either using one, or a combination of procedures and may include lasers.

  • Targeted, effective treatment that can help address the signs of aging on the face & body
  • Non-invasive and clinically proven to be safe
  • Minimal downtime, so it’s easy to fit into your lifestyle & beauty regimen
  • Each treatment that delivers Real Results
  • Suitable for all Ethnicities

For your Eyes – Typically the noticeable effects of aging are around the eyes. Your skin’s collagen and elastin break down faster than your body can rebuild them as you age, your skin to loses elasticity which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.

The skin is delicate and thin in this area and overtime will beginning change. You will notice the skin around the eye area droop and wrinkle and in some cases create heavy hood like sagging that makes you look even older.

For your Face – When you age, the smooth, firm skin tone becomes uneven and lined and wrinkles appear.

Its normal for your facial features lose definition around in the jawline, lips and neck. Smiling, laughing and furrowing your brows and forehead, too much tanning or sun damage will age your face.

For your Body – Childbirth, uneven or unsightly bulges, general weight gain or loss will effect the skin on your body. You can be left with excess, loose skin and in most cases, will not go away with diet and exercise. Add to that our skin’s resiliency and elasticity decreases as we age, and your body can look saggy and looses definition. For those considering a tummy tuck, this procedure not only removes the skin but also tighten loose muscle underneath leaving no scarring.

If you wish to wanting to look and feel younger from Head to Toe, skin tightening is the answer!