Clogged Pores & Pimples

If left untreated, clogged pores can lead to acne scarring and pigmentation. We offer a series of laser treatments with the Faxel Light 1927 and the Pastelle laser, peels and therapeutic skin care procedures to clear and reduce your pores and help your skin regain its radiance.


Acne is a condition caused by excessive hormonal activity in your body, that is painful and difficult to keep under control. Many people suffer from Acne into their adult years.

We treat acne with prescription medicines such as retinoids and antibiotics for active acne with laser therapy, skin peels and therapeutic skin care products to keep your skin healthy and clean.

Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (dark spots) may be treated with the Q-Switch laser.


Most scarring can be treated with laser therapy or in the case of deep acne scars we may use dermal fillers or skin needling.

With a personalised treatment plan to help you reduce your acne, and specialised skincare for maintenance, we are committed to giving you be best possible outcome. And to do so with minimal discomfort.