How to Get Rid of Age Spots: Comparative Technique Analysis

Age spots are a very problematic type of skin pigmentation that can be very difficult to remove. There are quite a few treatments for this particular beauty issue, but their efficiency and safety levels vary quite a bit. Be sure to do your research and compare the possible options before you make the final choice on how to get rid of age spots.

5 Techniques to Get Rid of Age Spots

#1 Bleaching creams. Please note that these aren’t your regular store-bought brand but actual prescription solutions that contain hydroquinone and retinoids. There are also some specialised steroid solutions that can be used to remove age spots.

These creams can be effective, but only when used consistently over extended periods of time. Due to their chemical makeup, they often cause allergies, itching, and irritation. You also must wear sunscreen of at least factor 30 SPF at ALL TIMES when using these creams.

#2 Freezing. Also called cryotherapy, this technique is based on the ability of liquid nitrogen to destroy the pigment in age spots. The treatment is considered as safe as applying such a dangerous substance to your skin allows. It’s a topical solution that often results in skin irritation, which is natural considering the level of the damage caused by liquid nitrogen.

Note that cryotherapy carries the risk of permanent scarring.

#3 Dermabrasion. As age spots occur because of the collection of pigment in the outer layer of skin, regular and thorough exfoliation can remove them over time. The dermabrasion treatment involves ‘sanding out’ the outer layer of your skin using specialised tools. You may require several regular procedures to get rid of age spots efficiently.

Dermabrasion causes skin irritation and may cause scabbing when performed poorly. People with extra-sensitive skin may not be able to use this treatment at all.

#4 Chemical peels. Chemical peelings can rejuvenate your skin and become a great addition to your anti-aging therapy. However, as these solutions include volatile chemicals, this treatment always carries the risk of burns and scarring.

Chemical peels may cause permanent discoloration.

#5 Laser therapy. This treatment literally destroys the melanin in the skin without breaking or damaging it in any way. This allows you to get rid of age spots with minimal risks. Note that the pigmentation fades gradually after the treatment.

When the treatment is performed by poorly-qualified beauticians, it may result in burns.

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