We all know no matter how hard you exercise and diet, some fat will just not go away.

A safe and reliable treatment for removal of your unwanted body fat, with the additional benefit of a skin tightening and cellulite reduction, we recommend UltraShape over any other forms of non-surgical fat removal. Why? because we have trialed many other systems and UltraShape is the best!

Clinically proven to break down fat cells, UltraShape is an effective alternative to liposuction.

UltraShape breaks your fat cells down and once destroyed, the same fat cells do not regenerate. We can remove fat from your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, love handles, male breasts and other stubborn fat deposits.

It will not cause any pain or discomfort and you will see results with significant fat reduction after just 3 treatments in most cases but results may vary per patient.

Reduce those stubborn bulges of fat on your body, call us to make an obligation free consultant to help you on the road to a more beautiful body!