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The same company that produces the excellent range of dermal fillers have also created an innovative range of skin care products.

The Restylane product range is used at our Sydney clinic, to ensure the highest quality outcome is achieved. Restylane Skin Care is a unique collection of topical anti-ageing skincare products – the result of extensive research that provides you with beautiful skin.

There are too many creams and topical treatments that promise the world but fall short on results. Restylane’s products are an effective and highly cost effective topical treatment option that can fulfil initial promises.

The secret to beautiful skin is balanced hydration, combined with a healthy and protective barrier. Restylane and skin care products combine these two essential qualities to bring customers the most effective, reliable option. Restylane’s products protect, hydrate and nourish the outer and upper layers of your skin – the statum corneum – to provide it with a healthy, glowing radiance.

Restylane for rejuvenated, healthy looking skin

These products, particularly when combined with the dermal filler injections, have been produced to improve skin health function using a combination of proven technologies and scientifically proven active ingredients. The end-result is a collection of products with high biocompatibility that embraces the natural structure of our own skin. The range includes day cream, which is great for nourishing during daylight hours. The night cream has ingredients that allows skin to regenerate overnight.

Recovery Cream is a fantastic medium to allow the top and mid layers to renew. It is often used post laser and dermal filler treatment, or to nourish the skin after dermal filler injections. Its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bruising ingredients are fantastic in reducing downtime after these treatments. The skin of our hands is often a much-neglected part of our grooming regime, but these areas undergo a lot of wear and tear and need their own form of care. The Restylane Hand Cream fills this niche.

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All Restylane products – with the exception of the cleanser – contain a unique form of Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid produced by patented, and proven NASHA technology (similar to that used in the trusted range of dermal fillers). This unique combination provides your skin with proven protection and restoring the natural equilibrium of the skin.

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