Debunking Common Myths About Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Talking about anti-wrinkle injections can sometimes make people cringe, but they’re actually a misunderstood process. As they are perfectly safe and available to anyone wanting to achieve a fresh, new look, this article will explore the common myths that are attached to the topic.

#1 The injections contain harmful ingredients
This is largely untrue, but still a frequent notion across the public. The stigma that comes with the injections is caused mostly a lack of knowledge on how the treatment actually works. In actual fact, these injections are the result of direct research and studies on the field. Featuring polypetide protein and neurotoxins, the ingredients are actually gathered from natural products that are effective in blocking avenues of communication between nerves and muscles. As an effect, forming lines and wrinkles are reduced or eliminated.

#2 The treatment causes the loss of the ability to show facial expressions
Thanks to mass-media and Hollywood, conversations about anti-wrinkle injections contain visions of frozen-faced women and plastic-looking celebrities. These instances are extreme cases, and not a realistic representation of what the treatment looks like as an end-result. The team at Sydney Breast Specialist are well-versed in ensuring results remain natural-looking, youthful and vibrant—unlike many of these examples.

#3 They are painful and cause extreme swelling
Performing using a special syringe that’s designed to inject only a small amount of the specific substance, these treatments are directly applied to the area. This means none of the substance enters the actual bloodstream, allowing for the only pain to be a minor pinprick sensation. Swelling is also a common myth and shouldn’t occur if the process is carried out effectively. Some side effects may occur, but these are usually only very mild and short-lasting.

#4 Using face creams is much cheaper and effective
Creams are applied on a surface-level, meaning nothing actually penetrates the muscle or nerves. This means there is no long-lasting result, whereas anti-wrinkle injections act on a much deeper level.

If you’re not sure if this treatment method is the most suitable for you and your desired objectives, please feel free to get in touch with the Sydney Wrinkle Injection Specialist team on (02) 9518 4948.