Cellulite Clinic Sydney

Cellulite is a daunting problem for most women and even some men

It is usually located in areas where we store fat such as buttocks, legs and abdomen. Affected areas have a ‘dimpled’ appearance.Treatment in the past has been challenging. Modern modalities though can help significantly with this problem.

Our Cellulite Clinic Sydney uses combination of Radiofrequency, Infrared Light Energy and Vacuum and Mechanical Massage is used to reduce dimples and lumpiness on the skin.

Velashape cellulite treatment

Velashape cellulite treatment deploys targeted heat to adipose/fat tissue. This increases the metabolism of stored energy, increases lymphatic drainage to reduce or shrink the size of actual fat cells. As the fat cells become smaller, so the cellulite improves.


Separate to cellulite itself, fat can be reduced by lifestyle changes, ultrasound and even by liposuction. Ultrashape is a great non-invasive way to eliminate fat cells in the abdomen and waist and used in combination with our cellulite treatments, will give you a great result!

To find out more about our cellulite treatments and our fat reduction treatments in our Sydney clinic, ask Dr. Maz and his team.